Welcome to my simple page for the 90's LAN Information


A bit of an intro:

Hello everyone!

You have chosen, or been chosen, to visit this webpage which will help inform you of what 90's LANs are all about and what the requirements are!

The propose of these themed LANs are fun. Nothing but fun playing forgotten games, games that you may remember from your childhood or teenage years. I believe nostalgia is the word here. And though I am not a fan of things being refereed to a “RETRO” because it usually means its something that hipsters have glommed onto and ruined with their stupid faces. This is inherently about retro hardware and software. We may not be like everyone else out there, but we can get together in our enjoyment of classic hardware and software and remember the road that got the human race this far.

Enough of my ramblings. Below you will find useful links that will help you discover, learn, create, register for, keep track of and meet the requirements for 90's LANs that we host.

Where do these LANs take place?

Now, I know what you are thinking. “Requirements! What are these losers going to force me to do??” But don't worry too much. Inherently, for the theme of the LAN to be correct, you need period correct hardware. Or there isn't much point. See the requirements for 90's LANs and the other themed LANs in the links below:

90's LAN Theme requirements

2000 to 2003 LAN Theme requirements

Once you have met those requirements, then you can look at the calendar for dates of upcoming or annual themed LANs:

Upcoming Events Calendar Page

Once you have checked for upcoming events, you can register to go to one of those events:


Safety and Legal

Check out Zebeth System's 90's LAN information Page