Safety and Legal information


We want everyone to have a great time and be safe at our LAN's

Please make sure your electical hardware is functional and wont blow up or cause a fire.

Please make sure or try to make sure that you dont overload any circuits at any of the locations where a LAN is being held.

Drinking and alcohol.

As a general rule, these things are fine at most of the places these LANs are held. It's BYOB. However, it is your and everyone's responsibility to ensure no one underage gets a hold of a a drink.

We also prefer that no one get smashed, or drunk. It leads to bad, and difficult to deal with situations. Please police your self so we don't have to call the real Police!

Smoking, Vaping and Marijuana.

You won't be able to smoke or vape at most of the locations these LANs are held at. But if you can do it with out intruding on others, then feel free. However, if you persist in smoking or vaping somewhere that smoking/vaping is baned, and are risking getting the LAN in trouble or kicked out/banned, then you will be asked to leave and can possibly be baned from attending further LANs.

Marijuana or THC containing items are not allowed at all. Don't even ask. Not even with a medical license. We won't bend on this rule, ever! We have many members who are involved in Law Enforcement, the Military as well as Defense Contractors. You can NOT smoke marijuana around them or at our LAN's. If you try, or are caught smoking marijuana at one of these LANs you will be asked to leave. If you do not leave, we WILL call the police and you will be taken away for tresspassing. And you will be baned from any further LAN. Please, please do not make us do this. We really don't want to. Leave the weed at home. You just wantting a puff, isn't worth the lives and careers of our members. We are VERY SERIOUS about this rule.

Firearms and other tools.

We are firearm friendly!

Welcome to AMERICA! Where we have that thing that no one else has, called FREEDOM!

Just follow the universal firearms safety rules, local, state and Federal laws and you should be fine. Remember, the gun is ALWAYS loaded, even if it isn't!

You may want to pop over to the Washington State Legislature website and freshen up on the firearm and weapons laws.

Just rmember that alcohol and firearms DON'T MIX! (its also illegal)

As for tools other than firearms. Like knives screw drivers and other things like that. Please just follow the law. Please don't get us into trouble.

Software and Licensing

These LAN's are not designed to allow the theft or spread of software. No matter how old it is. These are not software sharing parties.

Please ensure you have legal copies of everything. And don't share them. I think this is pretty simple.

If you have something that is "out of license" or the licensing requirments are up on, you need to be able to prove it.

There are no pirates here!