Sun Microsystems Ultra 10 3D Creator Ver. 3 X64-bit


  This computer was made by Sun Microsystems, an important fact on its own, due to the fact that they were bought by Oracle (much to my dismay!) and are no longer a company! This adds a "value" to the computer because you can not buy them any more! This computer is in a full working state and usable! It is running Sun Microsystems Solaris 10 Full.   LOADING!
  The keyboards on Sun computers are very diffrent from keyboards on any other system in the world. The keyboard was designed to create a very productive enviroment for the user.   LOADING!
  The keyboards had many keys similer to: Stop, Again, Props, Undo, Front, Copy, Open, Paste, Find, Cut, Compose, Help and Alt Graph. The keyboards also had audio keys long before any other computer did. A power button key is also located in the upper right corner of the keyboard.   LOADING!
  Here you can see me installing a copy of Sun Microsystems Solaris 10 X64 bit off of a DVD-ROM disk. The display is an LG 19 inch LCD @ 1280X1024 over VGA. The monitor is connected to the onboard video built into the motherboard. This only supports 24-bit color, I will be replacing the card with a PCI one later. In the XVR type range.   LOADING!


  This Version 3 Ultra 10 computer has a 64-bit, 440 MHz UltraSparc IIi Processor. This was one of the first 64-bit home computer systems, far ahead of its time. My system has 768 Mb of Sun RAM. I will be adding more at some point, it can have a max or 1 Gb.   LOADING
  This system is a mid-tower case and uses an ATX power supply. The case had one mount for an internal Hard Drive. Two 5 1/4 bays and one 3 1/4 bay. The case has a power button on the front with a green LED just above it. There is no reset button.   LOADING!
  The optical drive I have in this computer is an IDE LightScribe DVD Burner.    
  I have added a SUN 375-0097-01 Single Ended SCSI Card for the Hard Drive.    




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