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Airsofting will not take place on most major holidays, unless otherwise noted on this main page.




Its been a LONG time since we have been here! After Frosty gets back from Air Force Technical School,

we may be looking into starting the team back up again. We all miss the exercise and experience.

We have all grown a lot and learned a lot.



So, BOULDER is no longer the team leader or a team member. You can view his ex-member profile in the same place

at the members page! Our orignal leader, FROSTY, also forfit team leadership, so this leaves no other logical choice

but for HARMON to become the team leader at this time. This is due to the fact that Frosty and Harmon were the two original

creators of the airsofting team, now that the co-founder Frosty is gone, the team defaults to Harmon in the void that was created!

This leaves us with to decisions, 1: we keep the team as is, or 2: we re-name the team and or have a loss of team members

who nolonger want to be a part of the team! Now that this has happned, Harmon will set-up a feild in the Union hill/Redmond area

for the team. A schedule will be proposed to have weekly meets and games! More info as the situation develops!

Thanks! Now, more than ever, we need new members, so please email us at: or:

if you wish to try out!


PAX 2009

In other news, Harmon, JT and K-ris will be attending PAX 09 this year in full cammo to spread word about our team!

Look for us, you may see us there.










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