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Christopher Harmon

Short Bio:

I started into the Airsoft world at a very young age, I had my

first Airsoft gun at the age of ten, it was a piece of crap spring

pistol that could barely shoot through cardboard. I have since

move up greatly, I now own a nice arsenal of weapons after

having gone through hundreds of cheap crap guns. Below

you will see all of my guns and gear!


Age - 20

Weight - 120 Pounds

Height - 71"

Hair Color - Brown

Eye Color - Brown

DOB - Nov 7th 1988

Guns and Gear

All of my guns use rail mounted US COAST LED Lenser Lights

I ONLY use propane (green) gas for Blow-back guns!

I always keep the orange tip on pistols! For saftey.



Echo 1 M-16 DMR

Echo 1

I have a total of six mags and one box mag, four of them are mid-cap the rest are high-cap.

Modeled after the newer Colt M-16 5.56

This gun is fitted with the Gem-Tec Suppressor and extra top-rail.

Echo 1 MP5

Echo 1

I have a total of two high-cap, two mid-cap and one low-cap mags for this gun.

Modeled after the H&K MP5 9mm



I have three high-cap mags for this gun.

Modeled after the H&K UMP .45


KWA Full Auto Glock 26c x2


I have two low-cap, and one high-cap mag.

These are great fully-automatic guns, but they are almost useless on cold weather.




I have one normal-cap mag for this side-arm.

This is a newer airsoft gun in my collection, it operates very well in cold weather.

HFC Glock 17


I have three normal-cap mags for this side-arm.

This is one of the oldest sidarms I have, it operates in cold weather, but not as well as it should.


Other Guns (No current picture)

KWA M1911 - one mag

Crossman Stinger 330 pump-action Shotgun - NA



Almost all of my gear is real genuine current issue Militery gear.

More to this section will be filled in later.

All of my mags shown below.


PASGT Kevlar Helmet - Genuine - Woodland cammo


The Kevlar PASGT helmet was first fielded to U.S. military units in the early 1980s. The helmet, available in five sizes, provides ballistic protection for the head from fragmenting munitions. It is a one piece structure composed of multiple layers of Kevlar 29 ballistic fibre and phenolic PVB resin.

For this, I also have current issue googles.

TAC Vest - With utility belt - All OD green


On this, I have a genuine military CamelBak, one U.S. belt mag pouch, radio pouch, empty pouch, Air Force issue 2 Qt. collapsible bladder canteen.


M-40/M-42 GasMask- Genuine


I have manny new C2A1 filters with the NATO standard threads. Also I have the attachments for my CamelBak. I have the OD Chemical DOF hood and

the darkened lenses.


Standard issue woodland cammo, both summer and winter weight- Genuine AIR FORCE

God knows how manny pairs I have. More that I care to count!

Pic added later.


OD Green Holster - right hand



This is used for my Glocks


Military MX-991\U Fulton Flash Light - Genuine With MAG LED upgrade



For night games and comm.


Speed Loaders


Well, you know what these are!


Cool Shots of APP/App87k

Me With Rez

At PAX 2008 (Me on the left, RE S.T.A.R.S. on the right)


Me with an M-40/42 NATO Gasmask and a Level B HAZMAT Suit!







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