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For Pocket PC (PPC/WM) Downloads, click HERE or below:


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Binary to text and vice versa (.EXE)


SSH logon client (444KB)(28.0KB)(.EXE)


A free art Program [Version 0.02](772KB)(.ZIP)


PlasmaPong (needs about 2GHz CPU)(7.73MB)(.ZIP)


Just a small example of what my 8800 can do (4.50MB)(.bmp)


MSTSC /Console Session (1KB)(.zip)


WindowsMobilePowerToys (1.17MB)(.msi)


burningsand20060510[1] (2.02MB)(.zip)


armagetronad- (2.48MB)(.exe)


Google ChromeSetup (474KB)(.exe)


autoit-v3.2.4.9-setup (4.24MB)(.exe)


ProcessExplorer (1.53MB)(.zip)


MDL "combat" AntiVirus For internal use!(3.76KB)(.zip/.bat)






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