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About Team 3632!


Here you can find information on FVC team 3632 (combine) and ongoing and or hoasted events. This is a very quick, temporary web page thrown together quite quickly while we are in the ADI building working on robots. So that other students and event attendees have a place to look for vital information.



Event 1, FIRST Vex Challenge - hosted/created by: FVC Team 3632 (combine)

What's going on?

We had such a great time at the Highland Middle School competition on March 17, we'd like to do it again. Would you?
Our idea is an informal, nonofficial, low cost match, and let any teams come that would like to attend. We will will be
playing "Hangin' Around" following the FIRST rules. No entry fee! Bring all the 'bots you want.
As long as your team and robot the fulfill the requirements per the FVC rules for "Hangin' Around" you can compete!

When will this take place?

Saturday May 19, 10am to 5pm

Where will this be at?

Monroe school (will add more info later)

How to contact the team:
Contact: Rick Tyler at rhtyler@gmail.com

More info:

Please respond with the following information if possible:
"We (team name, team number) can come with (number of robots). So as we have some idea how many people and robots we will have coming.
Please remember (if possible) to tell other FVC teams about this event as well.









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